If im lucky it’ll turn me into a giant sodium filled rage monster, like the hulk but with less gamma rays…

I dont know if you can really sum up the taste of Ramen in any other way than pure disappointment. If you can honestly look me in the eyes right now and tell me that you find joy and happiness when you eat Ramen then im going to call you a fuckin liar, because you’re full of sodium and shit…

Now dont get me wrong, I eat Ramen all the time. A little part of me dies inside every time I do, but I think thats just a side effect of the mass sodium consumption. I’m not going to lie to you, I am straight up poor and I have Ramen to thank for making it possible to eat on a budget of $3 after bills each month. Shit, ill probably live to be 103 purely because my insides have been almost perfectly preserved because of it. I have the utmost faith in the fact that if this blog thing takes off like my recently appointed Communications Director/Brother-in-law, Jeffrey, seems to think it will and it sells for $10 billion to Facebook, after holding out on Google’s $4 billion offer of course, I will still eat Ramen because I am entirely, 100%, a cheap person and hate spending money.

On the up side, I did add some pot stickers to the equation here to spice it up and make it a little more filling. Upon further review of cutting open the ‘supposed to be chicken’ pot sticker I decided to never cut one open ever again. There’s something magical in the unknown and something even more magical in not seeing the processed meat interior which would make it a lot easier to believe that it is in fact chicken you are consuming.

2 thoughts on “If im lucky it’ll turn me into a giant sodium filled rage monster, like the hulk but with less gamma rays…

  1. You are not cheap when it comes to DVDs and T shirts. You may be poor and eat ramen but when a new superhero DVDs comes out poof you found some money


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