I’m just going to go ahead and accept it as a good thing…

I normally don’t get perplexed when receiving compliments. Normally I let out a cackle that would put the Wicked Witch of the West to shame and respond with an ungrateful sounding ‘I know right?!’ Not because I’m ungrateful for it, I actually really enjoy getting compliments. I just don’t have the suave ability to accept one like any normal person. This last one though, I just don’t know what to say. I reacted with an, abnormal for myself, ‘Thank You’. In the bathroom at work I showed up to the Potty Party, that apparently happens on occasion in the late morning hours on the 8th floor, to take a pee. Whilst washing my hands one of the women from another office comes in and says, ‘you look nice today.’ Mind you. It’s our administrative day at the office and I don’t have to wear scrubs and as I go to the barn to shovel horse shit afterwards and I dress for the occasion. So I am currently wearing my senior shirt from high school, it’s seen better days. Not a real bra, sports bras = no boobs for Becky. My barn pants that are a good size or two too big, layering man, and I’m pretty sure will forever smell of horseshit. A dirty trucker hat and beat up sneaks. Not what I would call my most crowning fashion achievement. But I guess you can really only go up from scrubs…

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