Lets play a game…

I like to play this game with patients, they are unaware that they are participating but neither do the people at stop lights that I drag race against so it’s neither here nor there. So this game starts when they come through the door and wave to me instead of coming up to the counter to check in. I say hello and ask how they are, they reply to this generic conversation with usually a just as generic answer. This is where the game starts. Once they think the conversation is over and stop listening I let them know, “I’ll check you in.” If I time it right it’ll be as they are starting to sit down, and because they stopped listening and don’t want to seem rude and on the off chance that maybe I could have said something important they stop mid sit and get back up to come up to the counter saying, ‘What was that?’ and before they get all the way up here I repeat myself to let them know that they are checked in. This is when they turn around to go back to their seat and stop listening for a second time and its at this time when I tell them, “We’ll have you back shortly.”  and they have to turn around again to ask what I said the second time.

Does it make me a terrible person that I enjoy it when they seem a little more exasperated each time they have to turn around? No? I didn’t think so either.

…Its the little things to get you through the day.


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