When the Doctor’s away… we get malpractice claims. 

Mrs Doctor Boss Lady is going away for a bit, on vacation. Not to jail. I could see where you might get confused what with the title of this post. I assure you, she is an amazing doctor and covers every part of her ass in writing and I have no doubt she will end her career without even one malpractice case. But anywho. She’s going on a trip and is leaving the office in my supposedly capable hands. As she was walking out with a patient I can hear her telling them that she’d be away and if they have any problems to call the office and I would direct them to the correct place.

She didn’t seem thrilled when I told her and the patient, “Nope! I’m going to tell patients to come in and I’m going to play doctor!” She seemed even less thrilled when I continued to tell her that I would be doing so with my lovely assistants Dr Bearclaw and The Other Dr Bearclaw. Something off putting about not being able to move their arms or something…

All I’m saying is I’ve done a total body reconstruction surgery AND a prostethic arm transplant, so technically I’m qualified. Right? …even if it neither had anything to do with feet or were not preformed on a living being.

….just call me Dr Fraaankinschtein

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