Snappy McSnappersons…

I’m not a big coffee drinker, I either have to be in the mood for it or I have to be in dire need of it to make it through the day. Normally it just makes my insides feel like they are imploding and generally just isn’t a pleasant experience. But recently its been kicking me into a fit of caffeine glee and has made some days really interesting. Now, i’m not sure if WaWa is putting crack cocaine in their iced coffee machine or if its just a combination of exhaustion and caffeine that my body isn’t used to, but its a pretty explosive experience either way…. and i’m not even referring to the internal digestive side effects of it. But things get even better when you bring Snapchat and a penchant for procrastination and dicking around at work.

The results were so great that I had to go back to My Story and screenshot the whole instance…

Lets go on a little adventure through possibly cocaine induced Snappies…

We have here a beginning to a journey that my snapchat friends didn’t know they were about to embark on with me, mainly because I didn’t know I would be taking it myself.

Here I am, stuck inside the office instead of being outside on a gorgeous day. One of the few drawbacks to my job. In a true moment of hope, I thought I saw the sun. …which is actually really needed because I think I have a Vitamin D deficiency nowadays.


At this saddening revelation, I start to question my own existence and if this light I was seeing is the prophetical one at the end of the tunnel…

Accepting my possible fate I turn to the important questions…



Nobody wants to be ‘that guy’ and that includes jesus, because as they say ‘There’s two kinds of people who wear sunglasses in doors…blind people and ass holes.’

But I digress, and move on to the even more important questions about heaven…


…because obviously.


And then! Then all my hopes and dreams came true in a better way than I could imagine…


Jesus works in mysterious ways…by sending drug reps to the office with Chipotle, because if there’s anything better than Chipotle it is FREE Chipotle.


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