Take Ryan to work day…

Ryan has been cooped up in the house the last couple of days, despite my many insistings of getting a job and contributing to this household, so I brought him to work with me today to get him in to the groove of productivity and accomplishment.

He proved to be very unhelpful in the productivity department.

…..dat ass doh…

I know Ryan, I know. I love Enrique to…


Someone thinks he can hang with the big boys…..nay nay fluffy, back the fuck up. You’re cramping their style.

Yeah, not even close to leaving time, put on your big girl panties and hunker down for another 3 hours, bruh.

Finally! An attempt to participate in work. Hanging out with the Bearclaw brothers in the Advertising Dept. That’s right bitch, I said earn your keep!

I would like to point out that I am fully aware of the irony of this post, saying that I was bringing Ryan into work to get him into the world of productivity while i’m over here being super unproductive in my day by taking pictures of a tiny half naked man around my desk. To this, all I have to say is….. NO RAGRETS!!!!


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