Human beavers… didn’t know that was a thing…

Yesterday was Peechews last day in that splendiferous place that is MD. So! we went on an adventure, in the way that all visits should end…and begin…and in the middle. Advetures! I love them. This time we took an hour long drive up to Jarretsville to take a look see at the waterfall that was in Tuck Everlasting, because it was so memorable from the movie that I had to watch it again today just to see if they were lying. Good news! They weren’t!

I like to think that I can have faith in technology, but yet again it reminds me that it just can not be trusted… But in the general purpose of adventures you must get lost for a hot minute and suspect that the two tiny Latina girls in the Honda Civic that were just as lost as you and probably just following you because you could maybe know where this hidden gem is are going to murder you. So yes, we did keep looking back so they wouldn’t get the upper hand on us. So this hour long serene drive turned into a paranoid loop-de-loop through a state forest trying to find a maybe not real parking lot to a possibly falsely stated movie waterfall.

It has come to my attention recently, yesterday, that myself and my friends are generally a bunch of children deep down inside. Don’t let our adulting exteriors fool you. The boys, Tour Guide Mike and Peechew, like most boys like to build shit unnecessarily. We found our own little spot up river that apparently needed a man made dam because, and I quote, ‘we could totally make our little pool so much bigger!’ To which my, possibly regretful, response was, ‘I dont care if its bigger, I just want it to be deeper.’ Which then  commenced the dam building and then came this little gem of a quote from Peechew himself. ‘It’s like we’re human beavers.’ Now, I will give him credit where it is due, he did catch himself before saying it, but in the true nature of sharing is caring he shared it with the rest of us… it’s because he really cares. Just let that settle in for a moment…..’it’s like we’re human beavers’ Human. Beavers. Naturally my mind went into that filthy rut on the side of the road better known as a gutter and I had to reprimand my dirty mind for such thoughts and to just enjoy the statement for all of its absurdity.

Roomsies!, on the other hand, likes to collect rocks, just wading through the water picking out all the good ones and telling herself she has to decide on which one she wants to take home. You know, like she’s not an adult and could choose to bring how ever many her little heart desires home. Its adorable and this is why we are friends.

I myself like to climb shit. Literally every time. But really this is why I am friends with all of them. I don’t want to grow up because i’m a Toys R’ Us kid, and you’re not my real dad! I don’t have to listen to anything you say!

But then the day ended and we went on our merry way, and this is when Roomsies! and Tour Guide Mike realized that they might have regretted inviting us along as this is how most of the trip home went….

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