Adulting just isnt for me, ya know…

I love all of my friends. I really do, and i’m thankful for their presence in my life everyday. I love meeting new people and learning new things from them, its a great experience and you never know how that person will effect your life and what changes they will initiate in yourself. This being said, sometimes I really just wish I didn’t have friends. As of late I have been booked up with social callings with new and old friends, that on top of working two jobs, soon to be three again, it doesn’t leave much room for some good quality ‘Becky Time’. Gone are the days of watching 8 Redbox movies in one day, sans pants on my couch with an unscheduled nap somewhere betwixt all that. Those were the good old days. I take my No Pants Stance very seriously, so seriously that my sister, Sur-Rah, bequeathed to me for Christmas a shirt that said ‘No pants are the best pants’. A statement to which I wholeheartedly agree.

House sitting the last couple of days has been heaven! Sharing a house with only 2 cats and some fish has been the highlight of my year thus far. No one to tell me not to eat cake and ice cream for every meal because that’s ‘frowned upon’. And no one telling me that I need to get a plate or bowl to eat aforementioned delectables from, the cake already comes on a plate like contraption, why dirty another one? To be completely honest and fair to my beloved Roomsies!, the best roommate ever, she would never tell me my business like a devil woman. If there were a flaming bag of poop on our doorstep she wouldn’t tell me ‘don’t put it out with your boots, Ted!’, mainly because my name is not Ted but more so because she is in fact NOT a devil woman**.

But again, I love all my friends and always have a blasty blast with them whenever we chill, but I can’t help longing for those days of solitude and relaxation. So if there’s anything i’ve learned through this journey of life is that you, my friends, can FUCK RIGHT OFF!

….i’m just kidding, keep fucking right on! I love you, lets do shit! What I really learned is that adulting sucks and i’m not sure who ever thought that I was capable of this much responsibility but you, sir or madam, have gone off your rocker. If I didn’t have to work or pay bills I would have so much more time for activities and I could appropriately designate my time between friends time and Redbox no pants parties by myself time.

**solid Billy Madison reference, self high five!

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