Ninja Turtle Power!…

So I did a lot of shredding documents today to catch up before the inevitable influx of a paper mountain next week as we are all sorts of booked up all week. Two garbage bags full of shredded paper later and im golden. Related, but not really, they look like two unfortunate lumpy boobs with sad nipple tassels….


Any way….. I finish all my shredding, empty the last of the paper bits into the bags and tie ’em all up and get set on to my next assignment….procrastinating everything else. So a good 30-45 minutes later i’m sitting at my desk perusing Facebook on my phone and out of nowhere the shredder goes on a rampage and wont stop making shredder noises. Looks like im going to have set the Ninja Turtles back to work like last time.
….hopefully they wont break it this time.

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