I got lost there for a second, but its ok, I found my way back… maybe…

Between working mid-course at a golf course for a season, front desk at a doctors office for two years, and an amusement park last summer I have blossomed in my customer service role. Not only has it made it that much easier for me to talk to randos on a daily basis in any situation, whether it be in a professional setting or going out at night. I have absolutely no problem going up to people in any situation and talking to them, and that is why Greenbeans brought me along last year to the gay clubs in Baltimore to promote the pride celebration at the park. Of course I ended up doing all the promoting and he just got stupid drunk and tried to make out with girls, i’ve never met a gay man that turns straight when he’s drunk.

But back to the actual reason of this post. Being a shy kid all my life I was very quiet. They say that it’s always the quiet ones you have to watch out for, and it’s true. As a nosy person I like to listen to all that’s going on around me, not for malicious intent or what have you, I just love to know things. I have enablers in my life and I love them for it… Though all this knowledge does come in handy on the rare occasion that I need to break out my evil side when someone has gon’ and don’ me wrong. I used to be the epitome of that saying ‘im shy, but when you get to know me i wont stop talking‘, case and point; freshman year of high school in shop I rarely joined in on conversations, sophomore year during theory or whatever we were doing I was going on and on about something, i was on a real role, and Stevini pipes in and says, ‘Remember when you used to be quiet? What ever happened to that? Now you wont shut up!’ No shame, they brought it upon themselves. Matt used to be so amazed when I said a shit that he looked at me incredulously and promptly said, ‘What else can you say?’. If only he knew what damn he was breaking, because this kid has the vocabulary of a well educated sailor. Nowadays I have no problem being loud and rambunctious when first meeting people. Its great for networking in life, I have made more friends in the last year here in MD than I had in the four years prior. To the point where I wish I had less friends because now I cant just sit at home with no pants on during the weekend.

I think that the real point of this post was to talk about how now I will randomly say ‘hello’ or ‘have a great day’ to people without even thinking about it. I kind of veered off of this point, but at least I kept going with the same basis. This is such a hot mess…

So really though, what prompted this thought process is that every time I get on an elevator with people and they arrive at their floor and go to walk off I tell them to have a great day, not because I necessarily care if they do or not but because it’s just programmed into my brain this way. Really, its just a nice thing to say to people and I think that more people should say it in general. You never know, they could be having a terrible day and feeling down in the dumps, but because you said it maybe they will feel better.

Sometimes I say hello to random people on the road and its super awkward. I was walking back to the parking garage from the Annapolis court house one day and was waiting at a cross walk and there was this guy standing there waiting as well. Without even thinking about it I said hello like I was going to start a conversation, didn’t even realize it came out of my mouth until I got a weirded out look from him. He was shady character, that one, just a big ol’ bucket of sketch. He didn’t know how to react, I didnt either. Luckily the cross walk light did and it changed and I booked it out of there.

Honestly, i’m not really sure where i was going with this post….  I’m all jacked up on coffee and i’ve got that bouncy leg syndrome going like crazy, im a little all over the place…


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