Come and knock on our door…

So. It’s official, for the next year it will be a modernized version of the hit TV classic Three’s Company in apartment 41. In where the role of Jack will be a real gay man, no need to question it in this version, and where our property manager is afraid to talk to anyone other than Greenbeans.

I Wikipedia’d the basic plot of the show…

The show, a comedy of errors, chronicles the escapades and hijinks of the trio’s constant misunderstandings, social lives, and financial struggles, such as keeping the rent current.’

If anything, I feel like ABC really set us up for something spectacular and should give us our own show… While rent will never be an issue, lack of food maybe, but never rent, the¬†escapades and hijinks have already commenced. This conversation happened after I got home last night from the barn and showered.

Me: *standing in my room with the door wide open, in my towel*

Greenbeans: *coming out of his room* Do you want to go to 7-11 with me?

Me: *internally debating the worthiness of this occasion and if it warrants putting pants on* But. then Id have to put on pants…. and a bra…

Greenbeans: just put on pants, they dont even have to be real ones.

Me: I DO want pizza….

Greenbeans: Lets go.

Me: fine. but i’m not putting a bra on….

Greenbeans: I don’t care.

So I put on basketball shorts and a sweatshirt, because ain’t nobody got time for a bra for 7-11 at 9:30 at night, and i’m pretty sure that”s why Jesus gave us sweatshirts, for this scenario exactly. The draw of pizza was strong enough, until I remembered that we now lived on the fourth floor with no elevator. I immediately regretted this choice and rethought it entirely, but i already put pants on so it would be a waste to not go now. I’ve never been more conflicted in my life.

Since Sunday I dread going home. We have a love/hate relationship, me and this apartment. Because I hate the thought of walking up all those stairs so much that I dread coming home. But on the other hand, I hate leaving. Pretty much only because I know I’ll have to walk up all those stairs, but I know i will every time because my bed is atop those instruments of doom and there is no possible way that i’ll ever let that go.

So we go to the 7-11 about a half mile down the street and raid it for all its worth. A whole pizza, bottles of soda, brownies, slurpees, etc…

Greenbeans: I hate coming to 7-11 with you, youre supposed to stop me from buying all of this shit.

Me: as if, of all people, i’d be the one to stop you when it comes to food…

And then a line formed behind us and everyone had to wait for our pizza to be ready, im not even sorry that im not sorry…

I suspect that there will be some great stories out of this next year, I got my besties; Roomsies! and Greenbeans. And there is a bar within walking distance, AND the playscape is right in front of our building, sooooo awesome, obviously. So stay tuned for all the ensuing greatness!

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