El DDiablo…

I stopped at Dunkin Donuts this morning because I have a severe lack of food in my apartment, helpful for moving but not when I’m hungry. I got me one of those chicken biscuits, but for real this time. Last time I tried I ended up with a Texas toast, and let me tell you, that was a disappointment. 

Greenbeans asked me why I didn’t call them back and complain, to which I replied ‘that is far too much work and I still got food in my tum tums. Even if it was a disappointment.’ People complain too much, accept your gift of food and move on…

Today I made sure to annunciate and order the chicken biscuit first, it worked because I actually got it this time, even if I’m pretty sure that I didn’t speak in a different language the other time. My order came out to be $6.66… today is the day of the devil. And the devil likes to burn your junk with hot poultry when you are holding your breakfast in your lap trying to pull out of the parking lot….. Giggity*. 
And a review of the new chips ahoy coffee; In the iced coffee form it is quite delicious. The flavor blossoms in your mouth as you take a gritty gulp of the unmixed concotion awaiting you at the bottom of the cup. In the form of a coolatta it is reminiscent of a cup full of dirty beach sand, gritty and full of surprises. The taste however, is remiscent of childhood and pleasant on the tastebuds and supplies a nice caffeine infused sugar rush to get you through the day. 

*haha. Poultry(cock) on your junk while you pull out…* unintentional sexual innuendo to start your day…


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