Pops and Ninja Turtles got my back!…

I felt so accomplished on Tuesday. I woke up, did my P90X, rode a horse and then made a tree my bitch.

We got hit with a pretty crazy storm Tuesday evening, wind was a whippin, rivers were a formin, and it even hailed at one point. I was getting my pony ready for my lesson and Chief comes up to the stall and lets me know just how lucky I am, because a tree must have been struck by lightening and the entire top half of it came off just missing my car. It encompassed it, really. Fell parallel to the passengers side and then curved around right at the trunk. Pops must have been watching over me and my Buick, we were Buick buddies after all. ….and I was his favorite grandchild and all…

Yeah…. Lucky….

I ran out in the lightening and dove into my car to peek out the other side to check for any damage. The only damage was a dent on the passenger side fender, didn’t touch the hood at all.

The storm died down enough that we could still ride, so we hopped on and went about our business. Let me tell you, we have the best lesson horses in the biz, not one was phased by the incessant lightning that just would not quit. The tree was blocking the path back to the pony and mares field, and also my car from leaving, so we had to attack that tree with extreme prejudice and hack it to bits. Chief and I found some handsaws in the shop and went to town. Let me tell you, I’ve never exacted revenge on an inanimate object so hard in my life! By the end of it I couldn’t tell if the water soaking through my clothes was sweat or the rain that was chilling on the leaves of the tree/falling from the sky. I suffered a minor injury on the outside of my pinky finger, right on the second joint, where the saw ripped the shit out of my skin. Totally worth it…  Worked on those forearm muscles for rock climbing while I was at it to.

So I drive home soaking wet, seems to be a recurring theme in my life recently… I took a shower and changed into my Ninja Turtle jammy jams. I’m kind of in love with them…

Truth be told, they are a little tight in the crotcherall area. Meaning that I can’t sit comfortably with my legs apart or crossed, they just don’t go very far. I popped a stitch the other night. I guess there’ll just be easy access if I keep that up. I was going to call them my censor jam jams because I have to sit more ladylike with them but upon further reflection on the easy access possibility they may soon become my x-rated jam jams…


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