I’m running away and I’m joining the circus and you can’t stop me because you’re not my real dad and I don’t have to listen to you!…

I’ve got all these new hobbies in my life. On top of horseback riding I am now starting to rock climb, and as of last night aerial silk work. Let me tell you, I’ve never in my life wanted to run away and join the circus as much as I do right now. I had THE best time at Center Ring Circus School, the instruction was amazing, there was so much one on one time with each student that, while I haven’t done anything like this since I was a kid flipping upside down on the monkey bars, I felt like this is really something I can get into. There were different levels and being a beginner I got my level of work while the other more experienced people were worked with on new and harder tricks. I immediately felt right at home, like I normally do around the entertainer crowd, and I knew this was my kind of place when the instructor made a stupid joke and laughed at it with the correct amount of laughter, which is always a lot.

The joke: When is the best time for an airplane to land?

Right neeeeeeeeeoooooooooow!*said with airplane noise*

Genius, right?!

Roomsies! and Greenbeans had gone to the class the night before, I was unable to accompany them due to lack of funds and getting home from the barn right as they were leaving the apartment. They both loved it and i’m always down for new things, so I went with Greenbeans because Roomsies! had to work late. We started off with some stretching, got to get nice and limber for this kind of shit. Then we moved in to the back room where all the silks and trapezes are. We started off with some muscle strengthening work with the trapeze and then moved on to some upside down whodingers and such.

Myself being particularly strong, or so I was told. Or so I was told that I was strong enough to do some more fun shit, we moved on to silks. I got to do some flippies and learned to climb up the silks and then got to do some more fun tricks and got to be a dolphin and be just like the lady on the front of a pirate ship, and then I got to hang out upside down, and then I got to do my most favorite thing ever and wrap myself in a cocoon.

  This is my new happy place and I let everyone in the room know it. Stating out loud that I was never coming out and that they couldn’t make me! As if I needed another reason to love this place, Greg(the instructor) pulled on the bottom knot and sent me a swinging….seriously never leaving this place!

…but then it got really hot in there and I had to get out before I passed out. Also, I wanted to do some more fun shit. Literally the most fun thing I’ve done in a while. I never wanted to leave this place, not just my cocoon but the whole place. I want to learn how to ride a unicycle, and walk the tightrope, and do more crazy shit on the silks and trapeze. I will most likely sign up for more classes, I just have to get lucky and win the lottery so I can participate in all my new found fun things.

 ….like a bawse!

Im going to run away and join my cousin Jack’s circus…  This is my formal application Jack!


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