I got lost but don’t worry, I found my way back…I think…

So many note worthy conversations happened at work yesterday…

This first one is set in our waiting room between three people all waiting for their designated person they came with. Now, I wasn’t fully committed to listening to the entire conversations but sometimes bits and pieces grab your attention. The first time my attention was grabbed was when the lady started saying something about selling t-shirts on the corner. I don’t know if it was the fact that she was saying something regarding working on a corner or something about t-shirts* that got my attention, but what she was really getting at was that there is something you can always be doing to make a living. I started to tune out after that as they were discussing it further and then re-tuned in when I heard them saying something regarding mothers. They went on to share in their experiences about not being able to pick up the phone and call their mother as they had passed away and how everyone needs to respect their mothers and make sure they call/see them when they can. I can totally get on board with this line of thinking, really, anyone who can’t is a soulless garbage can full of poo, but I digress. I know I don’t call my momsie salamsies as much as I probably should or as much as she would prefer, being the only child that moved out of state and hasn’t returned. I can assure you, however, that when I do call her I tell her every single thing that happened since the last time and i’m pretty positive she stops listening sometimes, which is fine because I do the same to Greenbeans when he calls me when hes driving anywhere and chit chats until he gets to where hes going, i’m assuming so someone knows if he gets into a horrific car accident or gets car jacked or some shit. Any who, I got to thinking on the subject and disregarded what they had to say further until I heard something regarding jail. I don’t know what the actual premise of this line of conversation had to do with, all I know is I heard the word jail and was immediately brought back into the conversation. What I gathered was that someone, the guy speaking or someone he knew, had been to jail and his mother was or was not their for them. I’m not really sure what happened here, all I know is that this entire existential life lessons learned conversation lost a hefty part of its intellectual integrity due to the fact that it was spoken entirely in ebonics. There is just something about using ‘axe’ instead of ‘ask’ and ‘brung’ in place of ‘brought’ a la the sentence ‘…she brung me up all by herself…’, that really just makes me feel like anything they say has lost most of its integrity. But I would have to agree with what they were saying non the less, maybe not the part about jail, but the basic gist of it all.

Another conversation happened between myself and Dr Boss Lady in the kitchen over some carrot cake. The scene is laid out like this…

Dr Boss Lady is sitting at the table flipping through a recent issue of People! magazine, myself leaning against the counter stuffing the cake into my face as fast as possible, lest it somehow sprout legs and run away. She flips to an article having to do with Queen Elizabeth….

Dr Boss Lady: I don’t think she’s real, she always looks the same…

Me: *quite perplexed* what are you talking about?

Dr Boss Lady: Queen Elizabeth, look! *points at the page*

Me: oh yeah, she doesn’t age…

Dr Boss Lady: I don’t think she’s real. I think shes one of those wax figures with an animatronic arm. They sit her in the car and make her electric arm move, and her head. Seriously! It’s like at Disney World!

Me: Like the hall of presidents?

Dr Boss Lady: yes!

Me: ….ok

Dr Boss Lady: seriously!

Then later we; myself, Monicaw-caw-caw-caw, and Dr Boss Lady, are sitting in the front office. Dr Boss Lady is looking at a set of xrays on the extra computer for a patient and is having trouble figuring out how to make the pictures bigger, which to be fair they did change the format on the discs recently. She figures it out and gets all excited that she can use one of the tools as a magnifying glass and magnify on a certain area.

Dr Boss Lady: Hah! I figured it out! All by myself! Aren’t you proud of me? *its an ongoing joke about her technological illiteracy, job security for myself i’m told. She’s a good sport*

Me: So proud!

Dr Boss Lady: Hey, you didn’t know how to do it. Don’t steal my thunder. She always tries to do that Monicaw-caw-caw-caw! So rude!

It’s never a dull moment in that office, I quite possibly have the best employer and coworker.

*the topic of t-shirts could have grabbed my attention because I have a real problem with collecting them. Whenever entering stores Greenbeans has to steer me clear of the t-shirts and bakery sections, because if there’s nothing else in life that I love I can assure you t-shirts and cake will always be a definite.

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