What did I do so right to deserve so much win?…

I quite possibly, NAY! definitely have the best roommate situation ever. It makes the six flights of stairs I have to walk up and down everyday worth it. We have an ongoing group text that really just sometimes takes an immediate left turn on a one way street. These are the kind of people I need in my life…


Greenbeans has taken a liking to one of the maintenance guys at our apartment complex. I however have an ongoing feud with the management regarding ongoing issues that were supposed to be taken care of the day we got our keys for the new place. We were told it would only take like ten minutes for them to come and take care of their shit. Roomsies! and I did the walk through and wrote down the issue we saw; clogged sink drains, wasps nest outside our sliding door in the living room, etc. They already had a list of their own to do; put the door to the washer/dryer closet on, hook up the stove, do all of this shit before we moved in…. We ended up putting the door on ourselves and Roomsies! and Greenbeans had to hook up the stove themselves, a thought that still makes me nervous when I go to use it… The management lady refuses to answer my phone calls, has no problem talking to Greenbeans because she know she don fucked up and I will take care of business while Greenbeans is much nicer about things. Apparently their last conversation went something along these lines:

Greenbeans: Hey, sorry to bother you again, but there is some stuff that was supposed to get done that hasn’t been taken care of in the apartment.

Property Manager: I don’t understand.

Greenbeans: Well the doors weren’t put on the washer/dryer closet when we came in, we had to put them on ourselves, and we also had to hook up our stove because no one came in and did that like they were supposed to.

PM: I don’t understand…

Greenbeans: We had to do this stuff that maintenance was supposed to come in and do before we moved in

PM: I don’t understand…

Greenbeans: Well, we’d like someone to check the hookups on the stove to make sure they’re alright.

PM: I don’t understand…

It’s a good thing I was not on this phone call as it would have ended with a copious amount of choice words and much yelling, maybe even a trip to the rental office. Every time I or Roomsies! calls the PM happens to be unavailable and never calls back until 30 minutes before she leaves so that when she leaves me a voicemail at work I don’t have any time to call her back, conveniently.

Here we took another left turn into a completely different topic moments after the previous one…


The conversations we have not only over group text but also while sitting around the house is what gives me life. So much win in this roommate combination.

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