Tuh-Tuh-Tuhday joonyah!…

Sometimes I get a strong feeling that I have a speech impediment or am occasionally touched with the special. Words just sometimes spill out of my talkie hole without consulting with my thinker. I have a fairly good filter, usually when I say things that make it seem like I don’t I really just don’t give shit and meant to say it. But I’m not even referring to mean, offensive, or rando things. In this instance I am simply referring to my every day vernacular. It’s one of those instances like when you’re go to the movies and at the concession stand they tell you to enjoy your movie and then you reply with the normal everyday response of ‘you to!’ without even thinking about the fact that they will not be partaking in the movie watching adventure¬†with you. The last couple of days between work in the office and the weekend job at the amusement park I repeat the same things many times in a day.

I.e. ‘Have a nice day’, ‘you can have a seat, we’ll get you back soon’, etc. etc.

Some days my mouth goes on a rampage of cattywampus and decides to make new words by combining all of them in to one and spewing a new Shakespeareian-esque sentence with words that would make Merriam, Merriam AND Webster cringe.
I wish I could put in to text what escapes but the best way to describe it is that it’s similar to the dialect of the Swedish chef…

The struggle is real my friends…. so real!

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