There is no relationship that can rival the one I have with my bed…

I woke up today and my ass is dragging. After checking my sad sad bank account I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a little caffeine kick so if i’m lucky I will make it through this day, just maybe. If i’m getting a drink I might as well get some food as well seeing as I hit the snooze button and didn’t have time to eat my bowl of Trix and watch the Power Puff girls on Netflix. Not being all that hungry I decided on a Boston cream doughnut, delicious and had a little something more than a regular doughnut. I get up to the drive thru talkie station and order a frozen dunkachino instead of the regular iced coffee I had planned on and then a chicken biscuit instead of the Boston cream doughnut I wanted. I don’t know what the hell just happened! I didn’t even want the chicken biscuit, like, at all! It just came out of my mouth when I looked at the picture. I didn’t even really enjoy it when I ate it. You know what I would have enjoyed? A Boston cream doughnut… This is why my brain should not be left unsupervised…

Normally when I have a situation like this morning where i’m straight up ballsin tired and I get coffee I go on a caffeine fueled snapchat rampage. I got a dunkachino, which has coffee in it i’m told, so we’ll see how it goes I guess. Watch out snapchat friends…. maybe. I don’t really know how this is all going to play out today….


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