I see your challenge and raise you…

Today on facebook Buzzfeed challenged me to watch the video below… “Watch someone fix an ingrown toenail and try not to vomit” it said. ‘Well Buzzfeed, challenge accepted!’ I said, without a second thought. So I watched it, and didn’t even come close to vomiting. I cringed a little in pain when they tightened that shit and pulled it all sorts of ways, but my stomach contents stayed firmly in their place. So to you Buzzfeed, I say challenge accepted and challenge won!

Now! I challenge you to watch this guy with a fantastic Hawaiian shirt tear this toe up! I like that he went with the nice muted yellow mustardy color instead of the normal vibrant blue, it’s much more calming…

Did you vomit a little this time? Did you even watch it you dirty hipsters?!

…just for the record, I haven’t watched Dr Boss Lady do an ingrown nail procedure here in the office and imagine that its a little different when its that intensely ingrown, but I don’t think that’s how they do it now adays…. but i’m not a doctor, I don’t know shit. So don’t hold me to that.

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