Sometimes the choices you have to make shouldn’t really be that hard…

Its going to be another one of those days again, I can already tell. I woke up twenty minutes before my alarm this morning and went back to sleep. My alarm goes off, I turn it off and then fall back asleep for another twenty minutes only to wake up at 6:48 going, ‘fuckin fuck balls!’ and flying out of bed to get out of the house in the next ten minutes. Long story short, I didn’t leave the house on time, and when I got down to the car and was putting the key in the ignition I realized that I had forgotten something pretty important. I forgot to put a bra on and in my mad rush out the door didn’t even bother to be like, ‘oh hey, i’m much more comfortable this morning than any other morning ever’. I sat in my car debating the real need to go put one on. Lets be real here, I could get away with it, my boobs aren’t nearly large enough for this to cause any real issues and I had a sports bra in my bag for riding later anyway. I spent a good 45 seconds debating this, not only would I be more comfortable throughout the day whilst not wearing the torture device that is a bra, but i’d also not have to walk back up six flights of stairs to do it. Forty five seconds may not be that long of a time, but really, its forty three seconds longer than it should have taken me to make that decision. So even though I made another trip up to my apartment I still forgot something for lunch and my water bottle, which i’m pretty sure was sitting right next to where my bra was.

Despite all of this the drive to work wasn’t terrible, I may have lowered my expectations for the day at this point and that could have helped. I got to work on time, even after leaving the house late, and I settle in for my morning quiet routine of being in my work space and not having to deal with anyone for at least forty five minutes and what do you know! Here comes a patient, bright and early, just eager to start their day. I’m all for punctuality, I personally have the tendency to leave late and still show up early. For as impatient of a person as I am I hate feeling rushed. So on top of rushing out of the house, I now have to deal with a person being in my area for a whole hour before they are even supposed to be here, or before the office is even technically open. She seems like a very nice lady, and i’m sure I will enjoy seeing her in the office, or if nothing else just not have some hate lingering inside me for her, as you do with some people. But, sweet little eight pound six ounce baby jesus, layin in your ghost manger looking at your little Baby Einstein videos learning about shapes and colors, help me make it through this day with my internal filter intact. Also, if you happened to order me a pizza because I forgot lunch, that’d be pretty tight…

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