Fuck you Scotty…

I don’t know how many of you people have made the drive from MD to CT before, but I’ve made it enough times to be sitting at a stop light a week before I’m leaving and think to myself, “why in the name of all things holy do I do this to myself”. Because I sat there yesterday and dreaded even the thought of driving to New Jersey, not even all the way to CT. I couldn’t even, in my brain, make it all the way up. There was still two and a half states to go! 

So yesterday at work I had been being productive, and then snapchat happened…


I’m just saying, it’s 2015 and we aren’t, to my knowledge, anywhere even close to teleporting. Get your shit together America! How about instead of wasting our time on hating the police or the gays we focus on what’s really important, me not having to drive 6 hours to be a good friend supporting their besticle(bestie with testes) at his fight in MA…
Priorities, man. Get em straight!

And this is why I should be president in 2016. Because I have my priorities straight and am here for the better good of the world. 



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