Its like cat fishing, but with less lying and more lazy…

Hashtags are great for getting new readers, and that’s why I use an unnecessary amount of them whenever posting the link to the new post on Facebook and Twitter. Im definitely positive that people do not actually read the posts because things like this and the @lupusnews things happen…

Because I hashtagged #MMA and #Warriornation I am now a reliable source on all MMA news. I love the recognition. I put a lot of time in effort into recounting the story of my latest MMA adventure, you know, the one where I maybe wrote two sentences regarding the fights, one of which was just saying that i’d like to ‘climb red corner like a tree’. I feel like the other hashtags used should have been a clue in to the fact that this probably wasnt great source material for people really looking to get insight on MMA happenings. There’s just something about #besticle #bestiewithtestes #murderatthemotorinn and #childrenofthecorn that would make me think to click the link to see whats really going on in the article. More importantly, if they had opened the link they would have very clearly seen that the title was ‘This is how horror movies start…part dos…’ which would leave me to believe that maybe this isn’t what I originally thought it was…

Im like a hashtag catfish and I have no regrets, because you don’t know me!!

But really, I just do it for the readers, so welcome one and all to the inner workings of my brain. If you thought this would be something completely different because people didn’t click the link then I apologize.  …but not really because i’m hilarious and you should read it anyway. Give it a follow if you’d like and keep up with allll this goodness. Can’t do it on your phone I don’t think, but I don’t really know because I don’t actually know how to operate this spaceship…


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