it really always does come back to poop…

Fun things that happened today:

Work….was not one of them, i was very productive however. That’s pretty unusual, procrastination is the name of my game and i play it very very well.

Leaving work, on the other hand… I met up with our building manager at the elevators. He is a very nice guy, i dont think he expected my personality to be what it was as im so professional everyday in the office. This is how the conversation went down:

BM: Ohp! Someones on their way out!

Me: Sure am!

BM: where are you off to? Im guessing tennis.

*mind you it is wednesday and im wearing barn clothes*

Me: Im going to pick up horse shit!

BM: *with a look of slight disgust* oh, i was not right at all… so do you volunteer there, orrrrr?

Me: nope.

BM: two jobs?! you’re getting it!

Me: three, actually. Amusement park on the weekends.

BM: are you paying off student loans?

Me: no. im just poor. …and i have a really high car payment because i have shit credit

BM: *with a look of disbelief* Wow. You are very honest, like very honest….

Me: isnt that a good thing?….

….i probably should have just told him i was going to play tennis, but thats less entertaining and also way more work.

I’ve decided to take this colon cleanse to the next level due to its questionable effectiveness. But also because we’re going adventuring this weekend in VA beach and i dont want to be poopy on my birthday. So three nights of colon cleanse here i come! Chief made me go to the gym with her tonight, which worked out the exercise poops,am i the only one who gets those? because I asked on snapchat once and i didnt get a positive response back… but she also suggested that i might need to give it a little kick start. So my colon tea has been drunk and im hoping for the best…

I feel like there was a third thing that happened but my brain has gone wonky and now i cant remember what the balls it was. This is why i need to take notes, because my memory just aint what it used to be…


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