I think I may just start a new line of post on this blog. As I’ve been working all the fucking time and have not had much time to do a whole lot of fun bloggable things and even if I have I have almost no time to write them and then post them. 

I watched Demetri Martin’s standup special that’s on Netflix at the utmost urging by Stevini, always a reliable source for comic gold. So I watched it last Friday night while I drank my colon tea…which works super well after you eat a Big Mac, I found out. 

But it was some funny shit, and made me realize that Demetri Martin is the real everyday analyst. That’s his whole bit! Just analyzing everyday things. Like how crackers have those holes in them. What are they for? Wind resistance?! …funny shit. After saying to Stevini that he was more of an everyday analyst and Stevini, being the good besticle that he is, assured me not to fret because he is a professional and that’s his job. 

So now I will post my everyday thoughts when they happen in my brain.
Thought of the day: 

I don’t know who was in charge of scents for assorted products, but it seems that the person put in charge of the scented garbage bags is also the person who was put in charge of the scented tampons… And they weren’t very creative. So if you’ve ever wondered why your cooch reminds you of garbage every twenty eight days or so, this would be why…


2 thoughts on “Thoughts…

  1. Hi! I really like what you’re doing on this blog! Keep it up! Also, I’m suing you for copyright infringement! Analyzing shit is MINE! Have an awesome day bitch!
    -your number 1 fan and number 1 lawsuit provider


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