Its a funny thing, power…

Gummie snacks. I love them. I have standards though. Those healthy ones from Target can GTFO! I only buy the Super Mario, Ninja Turtle, Marvel super hero, or now the Jurrasic Park ones from Kellogg. Mario is my real homeboy though and is always my first choice. …that’s a lie, Luigi is my homeboy so Mario gets invited to the party by default. 

I hit the mother load of all star greatness in my pack of gummies yesterday. Four super stars! FOUR! Just what I need to make it through today!! 

Butter my buns and call me a biscuit! It’s my lucky day!!


I ain’t no pussy so I down them bitches all at once… much to the alarm of my snapchat friends, but, YOLO!


…and then I immediately regretted that shit.


Too much! Too much all at once!! I wasn’t reaaaadddddy!!

But I made it through the day super invincible. Ain’t nobody got shit on me!! 

The crash afterwards was similar to that of a child let loose on the dessert table at a fat kids birthday party.


And just because it’s pertinent to life, here is a picture I drew of Luigi running over Peach because that dirty slut always manages to sneak past everytime and take away my victory!!   
Luigi don’t have time for your bullshit Peach!

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