Well aren’t you just the flatterer…

One of the things I love about my job is our patients… some of them anyway. I’ve gotten plenty of compliments in the three years I’ve worked here, 99% of which came from elderly gentlemen. Which is fine because they are adorable and know how to flirt in a non bucket of sketch kind of way, like a real class act. 

Today I not only got free food from a cute drug rep, which a food ho like myself couldn’t possibly turn down regardless of his physical appearance, but I got something to look at and the noms. It’s my lucky day! I also had a conversation with an elderly gentleman at check out that went something like this. 

Patient: got any kids in school?

Me: nope. No kids for me.

Patient: married?

Me: nope. 

Patient: *with a flabbergasted look* WHAT?! What are those guys out there doing with their lives? And a lovely young lady like yourself!

Me: I don’t know, I must just be too hard to handle.

Patient: I don’t believe that for a second. Kids these days… ahhhwell, it’s not a bad thing. One day you’ll look across the way and think ‘oh my god. That’s him!’ 

Me: maybe one day. 

Patient: or not. Sometimes it’s like a plant, needs a little nurturing. 

It’s days like these that I start to think a sugar daddy might not be a terrible idea…

Then there was that one time that a patient was checking out and he looked at me and said, ‘you look like a Barbie doll!’ To which I replied with a confused, ‘thank you?’. 

I’ve only been asked out to dinner once, by a younger gentleman who was entirely too sketchy about all of it the day of his visit and then called me back two days later to ask again. I kindly declined his offer. 

I have had someone bring me a $25 visa gift card. He was going to buy me lunch from the deli downstairs but changed his appointment to a morning one so he brought me a gift card instead and told me to go buy myself some lunch. I bought lunch for the office because I wasn’t really sure if I was supposed to accept it or not but figured if I shared how could Dr Boss Lady say no. 

He even addressed it to ‘my sunshine’, because some times all this wit and charm is too hard to handle…

So my morning has gone quite well so far…


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