Can I get an ‘Ayyyyyyye Poppopppp!’….

Feelings aren’t my strong point. Remember that one post? They make me uncomfortable and i’d prefer to just bottle them up and let them die, it works for me. But sometimes the feels, they a happen. Its hard to not get the feels this weekend. A year ago I had to say goodbye to one of the greatest men I know. He is undoubtedly where I got my sense of humor, a true inspiration, my pops. Between 9/11 yesterday, family posting about losing this guy, and having my 3rd anniversary with Dr Boss Lady and Moni-caw-caw-caw-caw I just wasn’t sure how to feel. So the only way I know how to cope with life is through humor and Im going to share with you some of the greats from this guy.

Poppop and his Coppertop. We all know i’m his favorite grandchild, everyone has come to terms with this.

How could you not want to party with this guy? Look at that excitement!

Christmas Eve was when we did our big family party. At 16 you get to leave the kids room and participate in the adult stocking and present exchange. You pull names in July for someones stocking and someones gift. One year Poppop pulled my name, and let me tell you, he did not disappoint as per usual. When bringing my younger cousins to get their pictures taken at the mall with my grandmother. Being Poppop, he decided to join in on the fun and I ended up with one of the best Christmas presents ever…

Just a couple of my favorite superheros…

Being in the Navy, as Pops was, you make friends that live all over the place. I was lucky enough to end up in Maryland where some of his buddies lived. I had taken the train up to Connecticut for one reason or another and drove back down with him when he was going on one of his visits. One of the best experiences i’ve ever had. I got to listen to some of his old Navy stories, like that time there was an issue with people putting coffee cups at work back the way they were supposed to be, clean ones placed upside down. After some time of trying to enforce the rule he decided to take matters to a whole nother level and went out and caught some frogs which he placed under the clean cups, much to his coworkers chagrin. We had stopped at Red Lobster on the way down for dinner. As we were getting seated he turns to our waiter and this is how this went down…

Never a dull moment. Good or bad, but never dull. Even if you dreaded getting a splinter because you knew you’d be taken to Poppop and he’d dig it our with his pocket knife. You’d get an ice cube to numb it up and try to prolong the inevitable for as long as you could. It was never as bad as you made it out to be, but that didn’t change anything. Even getting in to the pool was an event, no matter how hard the grandkids tried we could never pull off that Poppop back flop. We just ended up coming back up screaming in pain and a red back. Even when you were in the pool and saw Pops coming out you swam to the other side because you knew the resulting splash was going to be intense. There’s a lifetime of memories with this guy that I’ll never forget and wish I could share with everyone, but I have to go to work soon and that’s pretty implausible.

Look at this stud!

Even after he left us he was still keeping us on our toes. While Mr William McGilligans says it was just a faulty garage door motor, I like to think it was Pops’ doing. Getting ready for the wake and funeral Mommsie Salammsies, Debbie (our grandmother), Sur-Rah, and myself were sitting in the living room and taking a much needed break from running around. It was at this point, in the complete silence, that the garage door opened by itself. No one else was there and everyone who was was in the living room. Debbie had said that this had happened earlier and that it hadnt started until after Pops had passed. I creeped down stairs, unsure if I was going to get jumped by a burglar and closed the open door. Not ten minutes later it opens again, all by its onesies. At this point we have decided that this is just Poppops way of letting us know that he wanted to have a beer. He was an avid Bud drinker, his beer of choice since forever. While I personally cant stand the taste there are just some things you do for family. Poppop would sit in his shop, the garage, in his lawn chair drinking a bud. So Jessmelica, Sur-rah and Chrithteen (Christine with a lisp) picked out our Poppop shirts to keep and pulled up a chair and cracked open a beer to have a Bud with Pops one last time.
 So now i’m sitting here watching Golden Girls and the Worthers Original, or more affectionately known to my family as Poppop candies, keeps coming on and if you’ll just excuse me while I go eat the cookiedough out of the ice cream…. and then the ice cream… as I eat away my feelings….

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