RX John Wayne: Take one before bed and feel better in the morning…

I’m just going to go with these uncontrollable feels that I’ve been a feeling since yesterday are being caused by PMS, instead of just being angry and tired like usual I have sadness. While yes, i am overwhelmed with sadness of it being a year since i lost my grandfather, i’m really good at getting my mind on other subjects of less sadness in the feels situation. There is no real reason for anyone, much less my emotionless self, to want to start crying while listening to Miley Cyrus’s “We Cant Stop” on the drive to work yesterday. What sense does that make in any situation? So on the verge of an emotional breakdown I go to work at an amusement park to work, that’s an adventure…

I finished house sitting yesterday and came back home, put on my Poppop shirt and put in a John Wayne movie. John Wayne always makes me feel better, when I’m sick or catch the feels I pop one of those suckers in and BOOM! already better. This time it only makes sense. Last year, while we were getting things ready for the wake and funeral ACM had a John Wayne movie marathon, coincidence? I think not! I got to sit in the Poppop chair with my Poppop shirt and watch John Wayne. The only way it could have gotten more Poppop was if I was drinking a Bud, but we already know how I feel about drinking bud…

While I most undoubtedly had gotten my sense of humor from Pops, I have gotten my need to rearrange my room from my Nana. There are plenty of stories of Poppop going to work or the bar and when he came home Nana would have rearranged the house or their bedroom and when he came in at night with the lights off and no idea things had changed he would go try to go to sleep and end up running into things that weren’t there when he left that morning. I myself played both sides of this story yesterday.  On Monday I had cleaned the apartment and rearranged my bedroom. Tuesday I started house sitting. Last night I came home and forgot that I had done that and ran in to my bed when I went to turn my light on because that’s where it had been for the last three months. Then I ran into my bed again trying to correct myself because the bed didn’t go that far that way a week ago! My room isn’t big enough to really change much around, I literally could only move my bed ninety degrees from its original position. That’s about all I got for rearranging options, which is a little upsetting.

I also found out that not one of my outlets are connected to the light switch. So now I have a useless light switch and have to walk in to my dark room to turn on the light. I could trip over a dead body one day because I cant see shit until i’m already all the way in my room. I really hope there is never a dead body in my bedroom, or house for that matter, but I guess there’s always a possibility.

… I could get jumped by a burglar, I guess would have been a better scenario to have thought of originally, but that’s not how my brain works.

 What an adorable couple these two youngsters were!

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