Bruno Mars was locked out of heaven, I just got locked out of my car…

I assume it was just karma for all the variations of the ‘C’ word that I used yesterday, because I don’t feel bad calling that lady that at all. The universe doesn’t like people using that word so many times in one setting and for that I apologize, however for calling her that I will not. I locked my keys in my car last night. I’ve been having an issue more recently where my car key and fob keeping coming off my lanyard. I keep telling myself that I will put it one of the actual key rings so this won’t happen again. When I got to the barn yesterday and was walking in to start my stalls the key fell off and I picked it up and said to myself, ‘I’m going to lose this thing if I keep doing this…’ Nope. Just going to lock them in the car.

I had gotten home and grabbed all my stuff from the passengers seat and got out of my car, hitting the lock button on my way out. As I’m readjusting the stuff I’m holding I think to myself, ‘hmmmm. These keys feel light.’ so I look and low and behold the car key and fob are missing off my lanyard again. So I turn around to look next to my car and can’t see them so I peek into the car and there they are. Just a sittin there on my seat.

‘No problem, I have a spare’ I think to myself as I turn and make my way up stairs to the apartment. Now, when we moved 3 months ago I remember very clearly taking the spare out of my purse that I had kept it in because I was throwing the purse away. I thought I had remembered where I had put it, apparently not because I looked every possible place I could have put it and it has yet to be found. I even tried calling Momsie Salamsies because whenever I can’t find anything I call her and then I immediately find it. I’m starting to think the sock troll, you know, the one that steals one sock from the dryer, took it.

So I hang up with her and then go out to the living room and ask Roomsies! if she wants to help me break in to my car. To which she responded with an excited and entirely too quick response of, ‘let’s do this!’ I had seen a video of people opening locked cars with string, I didn’t have string but I did have yarn so I had Roomsies! Grab it on the way out while I unbent a coat hanger.

Apparently the string trick works if your car doesn’t have any gaskets around the door and isn’t curved in any way. My car in fact does have both of those design flaws for an easy B+E. So coat hanger it is…

I’m no stranger to breaking in to my vehicles with a coat hanger, I am, however, a little rusty. I used to have a ’97 Ford Ranger for three years or so before my pimpin’ old lady boat. Being used to locking the door, as I do now, when leaving is apparently a habit I need to break. I would leave my keys in my truck when I was at the barn because no one there would want that hunk of junk. I was pretty good at catching myself before closing the door, but more times than was necessary I didn’t and then I’d be locked out. So I watched a YouTube video on how to break in to my car and found a coat hanger somewhere in the barn and went to work. It took some time to find the locking mechanism to pull up on in the inside of the door, but once I did it became way easier. The trim on the door at the window was pretty loose and easily pop-off able after all those times breaking in, but it was a new skill I had acquired. One that came in handy once again.

It was totally serendipitous, I had managed to park in a spot directly under the streetlight, so that was handy. The lady on the second floor, though, she could have kept her wandering eyes to herself and get back to drinking her prune juice…

Ive never felt so sketchy in my own place of residence in my life.

After a while I just started to aimlessly push the coat hanger around in the inside of the door when finally I hit the sweet spot and BLAM! She gives it up like that slutty girl in high school on prom night…

My exclamation of, ‘HUHAH! I GOT IT!’ Was quickly followed by an amazed, ‘how’d you do that?!’ From Roomsies!. And if I honestly knew I would have told her. Luck? Desperation? A can do attitude? The universe saying, ‘that’s enough suffering. That lady really is supercalifragilisticexpealicuntish. She learned her lesson about using the ‘C’ word in such excess.’ Maybe all of that. But it happened and I’ve just polished up my forgotten skill and if anyone needs me to break in to their car, hit me up. I’m way cheaper than a locksmith, I ‘ll work for pizza, or any other edible will do, I’m not that picky…


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