You know, I didn’t wake up hating people today…

I have a strong feeling in my bones that this is going to happen today…  

I don’t get it. I don’t get why people turn in to complete fucktards when it rains. This isn’t some new form of sorcery, rain. It’s been doing this for at least 2015 years now. We’ve made it this far in life with it and the sky has in fact not fallen a top you’re dumb little head, I’m assuming mainly because your head is safely housed inside your ass…

I actually woke up in a fairly good mood this morning. I made some delicious food for dinner, Greek chicken and rice, and had a movie night with Roomsies! that was long overdue. Other than having to leave my bed, I started off today on a high note. I didn’t start this day with extreme contempt for the people I share this planet with. I truly and honestly just don’t understand why people lose their minds when it rains. I get it, road conditions are a bit shiestier so you drive slower, and that’s fine. But if you drive in a way that creates as severe of a backup of traffic as you people did this morning you should just stay home and fuck right off. I am a very punctual person, even if I leave the house late I’m still usually early. I don’t understand it, my sister Jessmelica is ALWAYS late. She runs on Jessmelica time, it’s just like CP time but different. She’s always been that way, we have to tell her that something is at least 30 minutes before it is so she’ll show up on time. I am the exact opposite. So when I ended up being twenty minutes late for work because people decide to play Chicken Little with the rain I became quite disgruntled. It wasn’t even raining hard, it was only misting, if that. As an impatient person sitting in traffic is pretty fuckin awful. I got to the point where I just got in to the next lane and took back roads that I had no idea went to where. Waze wanted me to get back on the highway, which I blatantly ignored and yelled at Randy, my GPS guy, that he was a dumb idiot and didn’t know shit until I took enough turns in, luckily, the right direction that he got the hint and took me back roads. 

I seem to have regained control of my internal filter as of right now, but I still would not be surprised if I did in fact tell someone to just shut the fuck up, whether it be over the phone or in person. I guess we’ll see how the day progresses…

Immediately after I wrote that I came very close to telling it at someone. Control has NOT been regained. I repeat, control has NOT been regained. I would advise everyone in the general vacinity to brace for impact…


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