Do I give off a basic white bitch aura these days?…

I never once in my life have ever felt like a basic white bitch, I still don’t, but today I felt severely stereotyped. There is this rep that I’ve met twice now. The first time was the Monday after my birthday weekend when my hungover ass crawled out from under my desk after he stood at the desk saying hello for a good minute. I tried to just lay there quietly hoping he would just leave but then the alarm I set to wake me up before patients arrived went off and that was the end of that. So I crawl out from under my desk and let me tell you, the amount of judgement his gaze held was pretty impressive. Having no shame I just nodded at him, sat down in my chair and said ‘hey’ before he curiously asked why I was taking a nap under my desk at ten o’clock in the morning. …because I’m still hungover from Saturday night…  Good times. 

Today! Today he walks in right as I’m clocking in and much like anyone else who literally just arrives at work and hasn’t had a second to even sit down before they are attacked with business matters would do, I sighed a great internal sigh and put on my fake happy to help you attitude. He reintroduces himself with a, “last time I met you you were still recovering from a good weekend.” 

‘Oh right right. Unfortunately this time my weekend was much less exciting.’

We talked business for a hot minute and he leaves. Twenty minutes later he comes back with Starbucks, says he tried calling to see what we would like but couldn’t get through so he just got two coffees for myself and Dr Boss Lady. ‘I didnt know what you’d like so I just got two pumpkin spice lattes, I figured you guys would enjoy them.’ I just kind of stared at him for a second and took the coffees with a “I mean, who doesn’t, right” to make the whole situation less awkward. 
I appreciate the gesture and am sure he didn’t mean for it to come off that way, but really… 

But I’m going to drink that pumpkin spice latte and I’m going to go on a regular ol snapchat rampage as I do whenever I drink coffee! Free is free and I am not too proud to partake in free shit for all its worth. Sometimes you just have to go to Costco for the soul reason of  going and eating all their free samples for dinner because you have no groceries in your house. …I’ve never done that, but now I’m starting to wonder why not because there have been plenty of times when I haven’t had food in my house…

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