Does your face hurt? Because it’s killing me!…

Plot twist! My face IS killing me. My wisdom teeth have been coming in intermintently for a good while now, and while usually painful it tends to not last very long and is tolerable. This seems to not be the case at all this time. I can feel them coming in on the top AND bottom on the left side of my face. I’ve been surviving off of Aleeve, Orajel and ice cream for the past two days. 

As per usual the teeth  ripping their way through my gums to join the party in my mouth that they were not invited to are causing mayhem and destruction all up in my chatterbox. Accompanying these assholes are a sore throat and internal ear pains, not to mention the painful whole left side of my face and tongue. I think it may finally be time to do something about these dirty rotten bastards… I came to this conclusion yesterday when I woke up at four a.m. in severe pain. So not only were these bastards uninvited to the party, they showed up hella late, after everyone settled down for some good quality sleepy sleeps. 

Having lost my ibuprofen somewhere between MD and the wedding weekend with Greenbeans in NY two weekends ago, I was kind of SOL at this point. I had bought some Orajel the last time I was having similar issues but never ended up using it but you can bet you bottom dollar that I broke that shit out. I ran in to some minor issues, like I can’t open my mouth wide enough to do anything so I kind of just went in their blind and hoped for the best. I knew it was working when I could no longer feel my tongue. Which was fine at four in the morning, not really the same when I’m at work and have to talk to people, issues that I am having currently sitting at my desk. After numbing my face off with Orajel yesterday morning I went back to sleep with my face on an ice pack. On my way to work I stopped and got some Aleeve, all in all its worked pretty well, until I have about two hours left before I can take another one and the face pain comes back with a vengeance. 

So now I’m sitting at my desk with a bag of ice on my face and hoping, wishing and dreaming that people won’t talk to me and I won’t have to answer the phone. 

Anyone have a spork? I’ll dig em out myself!!

How I’m spending my workday…



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