You’re just an acquired taste, like brussel sprouts…or kale…

The other Monday Greenbeans and I went to see the spotlight drag show at the Hippo the other night. The fun thing about gay bars is that you can be watching American Ninja Warrior and everyone in the bar is commenting on that ass or those muscles. There’s more competition, but this is a competition I am sure I could win at least 80% of the time. Unless of course the competition is within the bar, this would undoubtedly flip those odds. I stand by the 20% in my favor because on more than one occasion I have found the straight man at the gay bar. This is a fact that I am fairly proud of, not everyone hangs around a bunch of gay men and still get hit on…

So we were watching ANW the other day waiting for the show to begin and I had a conversation with Greenbeans that went down like this….

Conversing on the significant others of the contestants:

Me: yeah, a lot of their spouses are not all that attractive.

Greenbeans: well, someone needs to be the ugly one. That’s you in our relationship.

Me: Bitch! Im hot!

Greenbeans: does that make me the ugly one? *insert sad little asian face here*

Me: that doesn’t make you ugly. You’re just asian. You’re an acquired taste…

Greenbeans: …i hate you

…because what are friends for?

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