I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it…no really, I’m super pumped!…

Some days you wake up and there’s some things that you’re sure of and there’s some things you just aren’t so sure of. This morning I woke up with the thong song stuck in my head, this was the thing I was unsure of. I haven’t heard that song in some time now and all of a sudden I couldn’t stop singing ‘thong, th-thong thong thong’ the entire time I was getting ready for work. But the thing I do know is that I’m super fuckin pumped because today is the beginning of a memorable weekend in the making. It only took 6 years but Stevini, Tobias, and Matt are coming to visit me in MD, and as an added bonus they are bringing Uricah with them. I’m still not sure she really knows what she’s in for. She shared a hotel room with Stevini, Tobias and myself, but now we add Matt in to the equation and shit is bound to get even more eventful. 

Things I am positive of;

  1. I’d like to fast forward to tonight.
  2. This weekend is going to be pretty freakin fantastic.
  3. I’m super fuckin pumped!
  4. …I still haven’t cleaned the apartment. 

And with a conversation like this leading into today how can you not get excited for shenanigans…

And then…

…imma be honest, I’m still not sure where everyone is going to sleep. My apartment isn’t that big, but that’s not important right now. What is important is that I can’t wait for shit to go down, which means the hours at work are going to drag on and I’m not down with that…

What I am down for is all the bloggable gold that is undoubtedly going to unfold this weekend. 

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