Wednesday = best day…

You know why Wednesday’s are the best workdays? I’ll tell you why!

  1. I don’t have to see people because it’s administrative day 
  2. No patients. …the same as number one, but that’s because it’s really important. 
  3. Sing-a-longs all damn day. ALL. DAMN. DAY. Anything from Disney to Shakira to The Jackson 5 to whatever the fuck I want.
  4. After singing a song and I say ‘Nailed it!’ Moni-caw-caw-caw-caw says, ‘you definitely nailed something…’ Which is quite possibly the best response ever. 
  5. Only having to deal with people I like, I’m looking at you post man and UPS guy! You’re the unsung heels of everyday and some of my best work friends…even though I don’t have any idea what your names are…
  6. Being able to wear my hoodie with the hood up all damn day. 
  7. I don’t have to watch what comes out of my mouth, if that ain’t freedom I don’t know what is!
  8. Great conversations with Moni-caw-caw-caw-caw. For example. Today.

Me: *singing my little heart out to Englebert Humperdinks version of ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You’ in a not so musically talented way.* Nailed it!

Mcccc: you nailed something…


I really like that song to… *said in a saddened way*

Me: …just not when I sing it?


Mcccc: No, I like it when you sing it to, it brings me joy and smiles. 

I have the voice of an angel!
So Wednesday’s. They’re good days. 


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