My name is Becky, and I have RBF…

I thought that at this day in age everyone knew about RBF, that’s right, im talking about Resting Bitch Face. I was blessed with such face. Yes. That’s right, blessed. When you hear people talking about RBF it is most often spoken of in a derogatory or sympathetic way. That people ‘suffer’ from such. I embrace it to its fullest and enjoy the power that it gives.

Dr Boss Lady had mentioned the other day that, while at the dollar store buying fake fall-ish flowers to put in the waiting room, she had been at check out and the lady behind the counter had given her her life story. I had replied, stating that didnt have that problem as I had resting bitch face and was met with a confused look from my employer. I explained to her that it was when my face, at rest, looked like i was angry, mad, or generally a bitch.

‘That’s true, you do. But not all the time, today you don’t. Yesterday, though, yesterday I didn’t even want to talk to you. You looked very angry.’

But I wasn’t, and that was fine, because that meant that she wouldn’t give me more work to do and I am all for less work. I find that this heavenly gift of misdirection comes in handy plenty of times in the real world. Very few times have I had to listen to peoples sad lives and hardships simply because they thought that I cared because my face portrayed that to their incorrect brains. Also, when walking in sketchy areas people leave you alone, put their heads down and look away even, when they walk past. Ain’t nobody want to pick a fight with all this pent up anger and rage, is what they’re thinking. Meanwhile i’m just thinking about what flavor ice cream I want to pick up at the store later.

RBF is frowned upon in most customer service based jobs, which 2 of my 3 jobs are categorized. I disagree, because again, people don’t want to talk to me just as much as I don’t want to talk to them.

It is truly not a curse and entirely a blessing.

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