New Year, Same Me… because i’m awesome and who would want to change that…

So New Years happened… like two weeks ago, and my procrastinating ass has done nothing about writing any of that pretty fantastical night down.

It was a pretty amazing time, I got to hang out with not one, not two, but three of my besties. Not only did our roommate trio send 2015 out with a big sha-bang, but Stevini also came down for the festivities. So naturally I was the happiest gal around! I had my besties, my boobs were on point, and I didn’t have to drive… HUZZAH!

We headed out to Power Plant in BMore for their blasty blast of a time NYE party. Sure, it was a hundred dollar ticket, but can you really put a price on all inclusive food and booze all night? No. No you cant. …well, technically you can and it was $115, but whatever, that’s not the point.

So the night kind of started off a little dicey with the whole transportation deal, eighty to a hundred dollar uber ride to go twenty minutes down the road? Nay nay fluffy, Becky don’t play that game. So when we, Roomsies!, Greenbeans, Tom, and myself finally decided lets just drive in and Tom gets to be the unlucky so and so that gets to stay sober enough to drive home Greenbeans decides to check once more on the off chance the Uber prices went back down. We went through all the trouble finding something to put on the back seat of Roomsies! car to keep the dog hair off mine and Greenbeans clothes and getting in to the car only to get back out when the uber showed up. Twenty to thirty for a twenty minute drive is much more reasonable…

So we get to Power Plant and start drinking 2015 goodbye. We filtered through the same couple of bars throughout the night, starting with PBR bar because Stevini dislikes country music entirely and like the good friend I am made the decision that we get all that out of the way before he got there. The kid sat on a train for six hours to party it up with us, it was the least I could do. Seriously, he spent almost as much time on the train as he did in Maryland. That’s some true friendship right there! …I wouldn’t do it. But still. Friendship!

So we move it on out to go to another bar and stop at Angels Rock bar, mainly because you have to walk through it to get in or out of PBR but also because they had and aerialist and when you went to Circus School those three times you’re not going to not stay and watch.

…she was pretty okay at the most… but then Greenbeans fell in love with one of the shot girls and they played the Jurassic Park film score and then started playing ’90s music… you cant just leave after all that.

And then we peace out of that joint because its getting on to ten thirty and that’s when Stevini was supposed to grace us with his presence. We ended up at the dueling piano bar in lieu of waiting for him to get there, and I was getting my monies worth that night, you don’t just stop drinking.

At this bar I was reminded of why I love Roomsies!. She goes to the bar to get her vodka drink of sorts and comes back to tell me her tit for tat with the bartender. “I asked him what he had closest to mango, he said grapefruit. I said, Okay!” Not really all that close, but close enough if it includes vodka, I guess. So chill, that’s why we get along… But then she saw some girl in the crowd wearing a tiara… not unlike the eighty other girls doing the same… and started yelling, “Hello Princess! Hellloooooo!” at some girl that was very likely not a princess at all, and some lady we had never met started yelling with us when we did our reenactment video for blogging purposes. Then Greenbeans, the drunken mess that he is, said ‘take a video!’ I obliged and that’s when he licked Roomsies! face. For what purpose? I’m not really sure, but I imagine it made some sort of sense in his alcohol soaked brain. He then turned on me and tried to do the same, I kindly said no thank you and pushed his face away. I’m not nice enough to deal with those kind of shenanigans, even if he was a fantastic date and got me a plate of tiny pastries from the bar and refilled said plate when I inhaled them. Seriously, I didn’t even taste them…

At about ten thirty Stevini texted me to let me know he was on his way. We had tried to explain uber to him beforehand, if they have it in CT it sure isn’t in the part that we’re from… He ended up taking a taxi instead, all super meaningless information for you all because who the hell cares really, but I want you to really feel like you were there… so. Suck it.  And then he showed up and we found him in the midst of the crowd and dragged him back to Angels so he could catch up. Which turns out is hard when we’ve been drinking for a good hour and a half and all he drinks is Baileys and Guinness and they didn’t have Guinness, and they don’t give you a whole lot of Baileys. So we go back to the bar to get him more and I tell the other three to wait where they were and that we’d be back. We get the drinks and head back over and they disappeared, because directions are hard apparently.

We lost them for a good forty five minutes with less than helpful texts with Greenbeans, who can’t text all that well when he’s sober, so just imagine my frustrations. But whatever. Me and Stevini rocked it out by ourselves and got a picture at the glittery wall of terrible lighting.

And then I looked like a giant in my four inch heels and it’s whatever because such is life…

Midnight was fast approaching and we still hadn’t found the rest of our group despite eight text messages in a row to Greenbeans repetitively telling him we were under the big screen tv for the ball drop. At 11:59:48 he runs out from behind the tent to find us and at 11:59:56 takes off back in the same direction he came from for whatever unknown reason that his drunk brain concocted. We stood there for another five minutes waiting on the off chance he’d come back with the other two, he didn’t, before deciding that ‘screw the cold’ and went off to the dueling piano bar again to wait for them there.

Turns out after midnight was when the real bloggable stuff happened. Probably because that’s when everyone in the immediate vicinity was entirely intoxicated. Some super intoxicated dude spilled his drink on me and Roomsies!, maybe it was me and Stevini?, I can’t remember, it was two weeks ago. But he spills his drink and apologizes profusely before telling us he was going to get us another drink. It probably took him twenty minutes just to find the bar, he was gone for quite awhile. He eventually makes it back to our group and puts down a cup of I don’t even know what and apologizes once again. During his brief excursion to the bar Greenbeans had commandeered his date and was dancing his little heart out like the notorious date stealer that he is. The guy looked on defeated and sipped on his replacement drink like a sad little puppy dog. Then a short while later he was staring me down with a seductive, or what assume was supposed to be seductive, look and started unbuttoning his shirts top button. I looked around to see if anyone else was seeing this shit before shaking my head and telling him very firmly, ‘oh. no. no thank you. no.’ Defeated once again he turned around and made an attempt to take back his date and seduce her.

After that awkward encounter we decided it best to find another place to wait out the outrageously high uber prices and peaced out to Mosaic. It was pretty empty, everyone was leaving, it was like one thirty. So we sit drunky mcdrunkersons down on a ledge thing and me and Stevini dance the rest of the night away. At one point this bucket of sketch guy tries to make eye contact with me, I very much made a point to not do so because he had a general rapey vibe to him. He locks on and tries to come over and dance with me. Seeing this, Stevini, like the good friend he is, dances his way between me and this dude. Point taken? No. Point not taken. He just tries to go around and dance on the other side. Greenbeans gallantly stumbles over and blocks his path. ‘Oh, I should give up?‘ you would probably be thinking if you were this dude? Well you are not as determined as this guy because he tries again to just go around. Roomsies!, always the saint and saviour, pushes Tom up and he starts dancing in the only space left around me. Three guys. Three guys it took for this bro to get the hint. …i’m not even that good of a dancer. Must have been the power of the boobies. That’ll get ya.

Not wanting to wait any longer to go home, we make our way out to the ubers and taxis. On our trek Stevini disappears for a hot minute and reappears magically with a bouquet of roses and hands them to me. Saw some dude selling flowers and thinks to himself, ‘let me buy all that guys flowers.’ and does because that was a great idea… Myself being the type of person who feels awkward and weird when people give me gifts and compliments handled it like a champ and thrust the bouquet of flowers in his face repeatedly between then and getting home telling him to, ‘smell them, so pretty.’ …This kid puts up with quite a bit. I’m not really sure why we’re still friends. But i’m down with it.

Somehow Greenbeans makes a deal with a cabby to take us home for thirty bucks because his meter was broken and everyone wants thirty bucks. Except for Stevini, because he’d rather give his thirty dollars to a guy selling flowers. The whole thing seemed a little shady but I believe deep down in my heart that it was the light up Ciroc tiara that Greenbeans was wearing while making this deal that really made it happen in the end. We all piled into the cab and head on home. No one apparently thought that it would be the wrong choice to let Greenbeans sit up front with the guy because the entire ride home he kept leaning back and telling us that we needed more money to pay for the ride. So repetitive that we closed the partition so we didn’t have to listen to him any more.

We made it home and I go upstairs to get a ten to give to the guy and send Stevini back down with it because no body has time to walk back down all those stairs in heels. Roomsies! and Tom make it up to the apartment and I find a vase to put my disheveled, because I attacked Stevini’s face too many times with them, flowers in before realizing that Stevini and Greenbeans still hadn’t come back upstairs. I finish with the flowers and then open up the window in the kitchen to make sure they didn’t get raped and or murdered by the bucket of sketch taxi driver and they’re just having a nice little chat. I yelled for them, mind you it’s now like three in the morning and im yelling from the fourth floor window, classy, I know. I yell down for them to come upstairs and Greenbeans yells at me that ‘he needs a minute’. To which I have to coerce him back to the apartment with the promise of Bagel Bites. I’ve never seen a drunk man wearing a light up tiara run so fast…

We eat our Bagel Bites and he goes off on some tangent about wanting to punch someone in the face. Stevini, the MMA fighter, kindly offers for Greenbeans to hit him in the face. Then at some point they end up in a wrestling match and Greenbeans gets choked out and that’s when he decides it’s time for bed. …I just can’t with this kid sometimes.

Needless to say

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