If there’s one thing in this world I know, it’s that there will always be someone there for me in my time of need. Whether it be a happy time, angry time, a low point, I will always have somewhere to turn. There’s just a comforting and uplifting quality to their prescense.

That’s right, I’m taking about you cake. You the real MVP! 

The last couple of days have been a true testimony to my exceeding patience. …or lack there off. I’m not sure which. But seeing as I have made it almost the whole week without telling someone, to their face, to shut up when I ask them a yes or no question and they keep on a 20+ minute description as to why it is or is not a yes is a pretty big accomplishment. I’ve come very very close. I’ve been very short with these people and try to teach them by example. …that’s a good example of leadership skills, or so I hear. Normally I cut people off while talking to them on the phone when the conversation has taken a turn for the lengthy, this week it doesn’t even make it to the turn. 

For Greenbeans’ birthday dinner I made myself a cake. Technically it was for him, I even bought him little monster candles and me and Roomsies! sang him happy birthday. However, he is not really a big cake eater, and I wanted cake so I made a cake because I am a big cake eater. I’ve eaten almost an entire cake by myself in four days. Granted, Roomsies! and Greenbeans have had a slice or two, the majority of it has been stuffed into my own face.

…it just makes me feel so good. 

Today has been an exceptionally trying day. The phone system in the office has been updated and I come in with all my contacts gone and no way to get the blinking red light off my phone because my voicemail password is no longer my voicemail password. And people. I can’t do people today. Short, succinct, and to the point people, it’s very easy. Give me the cliff notes of your life story! I’ll still ignore all the parts that don’t pertain to my question, but at least it’ll be over faster for the both of us. 
But I digress… 

Back to the real reason of this post. Cake. It would have been irresponsible and neglectful of me to not pack the biggest piece of cake I could in the Chinese takeout bowl that I could for lunch. And yes, I may have had to break it out before ten just to calm me down. But I swear I was going to only have half and save the rest for lunch.

Who needs self control anyway? I mowed that sucker down and let me tell you, NO RAGRETS!

Sure, eating so much cake could possibly be a not so wise health and life decision. And sure, I could become dependent on insulin in the future. But you know what would be even worse? Murder. Murder would be worse, and let me tell you… It’s come close to that. My mother tells me orange is not color and I’m fairly certain she’s correct. I’ll take my insulin dependent future over getting lady raped. Keep your stray fingers to yourself! 

So cake, I think I can say for everyone here. Thank you for your services, you will always hold a special place in my heart. 

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