workworkworkworkwork, summeydumeydurpdurpdurpdurpdurp…

Maaaaaaaan, today was a good day. Work drug… dragged? …drugged? …it went on forever, is what i’m really trying to get at here. But it was a slow day and I didn’t have to talk to a lot of people so that’s always a plus, and Dr Boss Lady bought us lunch. But what really puts the pep in my step is I can do push ups now. Like for real push ups, not lady push ups. It has been the highlight of my kickboxing career, to say the least. Granted, they probably aren’t as great as I feel like they are, but I feel pretty baller so shut your whore mouth! Nobody asked you anyway…

But push ups, they were pretty rad. And despite everything inside of me I keep pushing myself because the instructor has really nice muscles. And also on the upside, Instructor McMuscles complimented me on my Ninja Turtle water bottle and we shared a moment. A moment where he complimented me and then I couldn’t physically respond because my body finally realized that it was dying, as it does at the end of every class. And yeah, I Facebook stalked him some weeks ago and found out he was engaged to a little asian girl. This has done nothing to stop me from putting maximum effort into mountain climbers and burpees, both of which I despise and my poor previously concussed brain doesn’t usually appreciate. I guess it’s okay though. I am, after all, “married” to a little gay asian man who makes me tacos and unwantedly touches my butt. I could do without the butt touching, as it is always unwanted and always while i’m walking up the stairs in front of him… But tacos. Soooo. Tacos.

So pretty much today was a good day because of kickboxing and tacos.

Otherwise I spent the day on the phone with the IT guys because all the computers in the office want to be thrown out of the eight floor plate glass window, apparently. We just got new IT guys and there used to just be two of them, the owner and then an ever revolving door of the other guy that worked with him. Now there’s like eight of them and i’m pretty sure I have yet to talk to the same one twice. Since I don’t have a lot of things to do with my day, rather, I have lots of things to do at work, but my brain gets easily distracted and I find my self imagining what our new IT guys look like. All of them are hunky hunks made of pure hunk stuff. The main guy I like to think he is like a hunky IT guy by day but also a hunky surfer type by day. I suppose it could be his nighttime persona as well, but I haven’t gotten that far into creating his back story. The guy I was working with today, I imagine he’s the nerdy hunk of the group. He dresses like a dirty little hipster, what with his satchel and sweaters over a button up, tucked into his corduroys. Don’t forget his thick framed glasses and perfectly quaffed hair… Dirty hipster he may be, but just a regular ol’ bucket of dreams as he swoops in and saves you from causing some major property damage and possibly committing a felony. I haven’t put much effort into creating personas for the rest of them, all I know is that there’s one and he is not a part of this group. He is a grungy little desk troll and he got very salty with our new doctor and I imagine he looks a lot like Frank from It’s Always Sunny as the Toll Troll. 

He’s just a piece of shit. I don’t like him.

But anyway, that’s how I spent my day. Maybe this means I’m lonely. Probably more so just that I’m bored and my brain needs other creative outlets.

I’m really just more impressed with my ability to lift my own body weight halfway down and then all the way up again like a real cham-peen.

…nothing makes me more aggravated than the fact that Roomsies! got that damn Rhianna song stuck in my head, again, and when I finally got it out Greenbeans tags me in a video on facebook and now i’m going to have nightmares of incomprehensible durpy durps gyrating their hips about in this new fangled fashion. Damn hooligans…


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