I like to move it, move it…

Sometimes the best you can do is send out a PSA on your Facebook to warn your family and friends against suffering the same excruciating pain that you had to bare that one time you got a little too into the moment when dancing in the shower. Then other times you just have to disregard your own advice, what did you know anyway?, and do exactly what you told people not to do. But really, what was I supposed to do when Pandora decided to play every song from the last dance sequence of Step Up 2: the streets? When Missy Elliott tells you to Work It, you do it! I dare you to not shake your groove thing for all it’s worth far away, I hope, from judgmental eyes. Where else are you going to get that kind of freedom of movement? I hope nowhere, as you are naked.

I suppose if you’re a stripper…

The good news is, I escaped that slippery cube of almost certain death unscathed. I leave it to your own discretion as to your own extracurricular shower activities. I will, however, restate the importance of situational and environmental awareness. As in, don’t back your ass up into the protruding metal object when you drop it low because that’s  one scar that’ll be a real hoot to explain…

Just take a step forward or even do an about face and face away from it. That shit hurt and I would definitely wish it upon my worst enemies. They’re my enemies for a reason…

So just remember these simple shower rules;

  1. Watch your ass
  2. don’t drop the soap

… 2 should never be unaccompanied by 1.

…especially in prison.

…or so I hear, I would not know myself as I am a saint.

*insert shifty eyes* …yeah


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