Ring. Ring. HellOOooooo?!…

Like most people, I assume, I check my voicemail and missed calls souly so there will no longer be a notification on my phone. The same goes for the office. I check the voicemails on the office phone because I don’t like that there is a red light constantly blinking at me throughout the day. But with our new phone system I now get emails with the voicemail all typed out for my viewing pleasure. This way I don’t have to actually listen to the voicemails. Now, I can read them and just delete them. Or at least most of the time…
Other times this thing can’t make sense of what people are saying. On one occasion a patient was calling about their show inserts called orthotics. I think the phone system may have stroked out because what came through my email was as follows…

I was scheduled to come in and pick up my died eggs this morning at nine but appoligize I will not be able to come in and pick up my bodies, but I can tomorrow

…well. That’s not it…

Working in an office you have to find the simple joys in life. Comcast voicemail emails are what keep me going most days…


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