Divorce is hard on everyone, but especially on the children…

Today is my last Monday working in the office, it is a bittersweet moment for me. More sweet than bitter, but that does mean that I will no longer be working here in a very short while. I have greatly enjoyed my time working for and with Dr Boss Lady and Moni-caw-caw-caw-caw these past three and a half years. We had a good thing going and now i’m going and fucking it all up, look at me go! I’ve already assured Moni-caw-caw-caw-caw that I will call her and leave her random messages of the exasperated noises I make on occasion or of me singing to her so she still gets a good laugh in during the day. Likewise, I’ve already assured Dr Boss Lady that I will do everything in my power to get her on The Walking Dead as a zombie that gets killed so she can be on The Talking Dead, or whatever the after episode talkey is called, when I get a job as a SFX Makeup Artist, whether or not I work on the show is apparently irrelevant…


I officially handed over my desk to my replacement last week and cleared out all my procrastination station post it note art works and other various trinkets that I have received over the years from patients and Dr Boss Lady’s vacations. Sitting at that desk last friday and staring at the blankness was kind of a little depressing. So has started the process of moving out. It’s like a divorce and my significant other has tasked me with training the mistress to do all the amazing things that I had done so they get all the rewards and someone new. Regardless of the amicability of the separation or that I was the one who said I was leaving, it’s time to get to splitting the property. I’ve taken all of my stuff that is rightfully mine, but then I sit here and stare at the brothers Bearclaw and start to debate the probability of Dr Boss Lady noticing their abrupt and mysterious disappearance. She got them as a gift when she graduated from foot doctor school, this being my hesitation in absconding them and not looking back. I feel like I’ve created a special kind of bond with these two and would love to keep them with me, especially since Dr Bearclaw has recently been acquitted of his charges in his case that was pending due to an ongoing investigation, a post regarding this is sure to come about any day now. Work is still hard to find, what with being slandered, quite publicly, as a Nazi sympathizer and the nefarious villain behind his brothers unfortunate accident. The majority of his patients having moved to another practice during his absence, there is not much more reason for him to stay here. Best to get him out and about to another state to start afresh. Luckily for him this blog isn’t popular enough that his troubles were broadcasted much further than Maryland and Connecticut. Unluckily for me, my blog isn’t that popular. Such is life…


If these two were not deeply rooted to some personal meaning, because where one goes so shall the other, I would take them and not look back. And really, she forgot they had even existed or who even gave them to her when this first all became a situation what with the case and then the horrific disassemblage of The Other Dr Bearclaw. Now that they have become a permanent fixture at the front desk, however, she seems to be much more aware of them. Or, aware enough that maybe I shouldn’t. They aren’t super in the view of people, they sit behind the glass and most people overlook them, maybe she will too.


I don’t know. I don’t know what to do. It saddens me to think we will inevitably have to part ways, but is it going to be worth my troubles if I get caught?


I don’t know. I have five more days to think it through. Come up with my plan. Weigh the pros and cons.


Maybe we could rock a joint custody situation. Maybe bearnapping isn’t that big of a deal… Maybe I need to satiate my inner clepto and this is the way to do it…


I don’t know. I still have five more days to think it through…
You know what? Regardless of my decision you should all just disregard what you just read, I don’t want premeditated getting thrown around…

2 thoughts on “Divorce is hard on everyone, but especially on the children…

  1. Loved this. I’m sure you and your “things” will be horribly missed — how could they NOT miss you?! Good luck, Becky! Love From
    Your auntie Yvonne


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