This is what I’ve become…

Sleep is elusive these days… I’ve gotten none of it… Annnnnnd this is horse shit! 

Working at a bar/restaurant means that you work stupid hours and that means that I’m now up at two a.m. On my days off because why not. The people in the apartment underneath mine moved out, now they’re doing work on it… At 8:30 in the morning. 

Every morning. Just a shit load of banging. Right on the wall that my bed is against. I find some kind of twisted joy when I hear them cuss about whatever it is they’re cussing about. I like to think they hit their entire hand with a clown sized hammer, I assume that’s what they’re using because it’s so stupid loud it can’t possibly be a normal size hammer. 


(Side note: enjoy these 10 second snapchat clips. I tried making this one 80 second movie but my brain doesn’t function and neither would my iMovie app so this is what you get. Eight, 10 second movies…)

So needless to say, I have been a little bit of a grumpy gills. What with useless people at work that don’t DO their work and a grand lack of empathy what with my sad sleep deprived brain, I may or may not have been threatening to break people’s hands… Because if you’re not going to use your hands to do your own work I’m going to break them and give you a reason not to use them.

Anyway. Yesterday I went to work and we did our preshift meeting and there was a stupid number of people scheduled to work and they were letting two people leave. Now, I had just gotten there and was already in a state most foul when I was falling asleep against one of the racks  and they said “hey you, go home” and I did. And it was glorious. The entire drive home I thought of how fantastic my on coming nap storm would be. But then I came home and didn’t sleep at all, not for a lack of trying. I tried. I tried very hard and got nowhere because I’m pretty sure my brain has forgotten how…

And here I am. Awake at 6:30, because why the fuck not. Might as well start my day now, because I now have twenty three minutes before they start crashing and a banging against my wall once again… But then I remember that it’s Saturday and they probably won’t and what’s the point of my being awake? 


…I just want to sleep.

…why does jeebus hate me? 

Fun fact: I came home yesterday and the people next door are moving out… I can only assume that means that this reign of heinous terror on my sleep cycle is going to continue on a much more detrimonious level in the not so distant future…

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