Addiction is a powerful thing…

Oh man. It has been quite some time since I last posted. Procrastination sure is a bitch… 

I also realized that I did most of my blogging at work and as I now have a job that is not conducive to such activities and I work stupid late hours that are not conducive to me being productive in the least. It took me three weeks and an impending visit from the exterminators just to clean my apartment…

I close a lot at work, so I don’t get home until 3am most days, if I’m lucky. Last night was such a night and I slept till noon today, and what with the weather being eternally rainy as it has been and is right now, the dark and stormy rain clouds got me all lazy as fuuuuuck. To my credit, I did leave the house once already today and it’s only quarter to two. 

Redbox has been a bit of an issue for me in the past… As in, I have a movie problem. And for such low prices how could I not. Four movies for six bucks?! …I have a real problem. 

Whilst giving in to the addiction means I get to lay in bed all day and partake in a cinematic dreamland, this also means I have to get out of bed and put pants on. …which is ludicrous considering I am wearing my ‘no pants are the best pants’ shirt. But I did. I put them on. Drove a mile to the GetGo station down the road and got me my four movies from the Redbox and a pint of coffee toffee Bar crunch Ben and Jerry’s and a bag of smart food, what’s a movie day without popcorn?, and went on my happy way back to my bed and back to no pants. 

I’m just happy the unnecessarily attractive gas station worker wasn’t working when I showed up a hot mess. Think of a young James Marsden with perfectly quaffed hair. The fact that he’s probably like twelve years old is neither here nor there. Every time I go inside the GetGo and he’s behind the counter I get caught of guard by his attractiveness. 

But back to my movies and procrastination I go. I bought new pillows the other day and now I am sitting on a throne of comfort and non-productivity for the rest of the day with my boo… My bed. 

I just got an email from Redbox saying I just earned myself a free movie night. This, my friends, is what enabling looks like…

2 thoughts on “Addiction is a powerful thing…

  1. I’m not staging an intervention, so if this is a cry for help, sorry but no dice. I’d just make things worse, like I’d bring a movie about addiction and then we’d take a break from the intervention and probably watch a short film, then another movie afterwards to celebrate the successful intervention. I’m an enabler.


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