I didn’t think it possible for a taco to be so disappointing…

Life is full of little disappointments, like when you eat one taco while driving and it works out perfectly and you’re feeling good about yourself and then tacos two and three are a complete and utter disaster. I know tacos are not car friendly driving food, but sometimes you have a hankering and sometimes you are also driving… 

I was super proud of how well the first taco happened. It all made it into my mouth and life was happy. Then taco two happened and cheese went everywhere before I even opened the wrapper. I think taco one was made by a master taco craftsman, tacos two and three?, by the new stoner employee that showed up to his shift three hours late. Now there’s cheese and lettuce strewn across my front seat and in my crotch. What with the hotness in the atmosphere and the sun on my car making it hotter than the Devil’s taint, there will definitely be a puddle of melted cheese and in any other situation a puddle of melted cheese would be glorious, in this scenario?, not so much… 

All I’m saying is that by the time I was done it was like I started with three tacos and only ingested like one and three quarters… And if that wasn’t some kind of disappointment I don’t know what is.


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