Looks like we have a sickly one on our hands…

I caught the plague… And it’s a movin’ on down. Started in my sinuses and down to my throat and now, as a friend has lovingly pointed out, I sound like a baby pterodactyl. All squeaky and what not. As you can imagine I am all too enthused to go to work tonight, you know, the one where I have to talk to people. I was pretty okay yesterday during the dinner rush, my inner baby pterodactyl hadn’t come out until afterwards, but I’m fairly certain the reason I made the tips I did was because people could tell that I was in danger of my head exploding and dying. To those people, I thank you because I need to pay rent in five days and having the previous three days off was not helping in the situation.

Being the sickly one that I am, I am proud to say that I am quite self sufficient at taking care of my diseased self. I went to kickboxing, not one of my finest decisions made but, YOLO! After a short break to regain my slightly less deathiness I even made myself a delicious and nutritious, if not all too ambitious, dinner.

Like a bawse!

Anywho, for anyone who has not befriended me on Snapchat, BLegendary, because you hate fun and hilarity, here is my sickness, Alkaseltzer Cold and Flu horse pill induced snapchats from the other night.

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