Captain of the struggle bus…

Have you ever had that terrible conundrum where you are physically hungry but mentally not so much? Probably the worst feeling ever because I love to eat food. My tum tums are all grumbly and my belly is yelling at me all, “Put food. into. your face! For the love of God, I’m dying!” But then my brain is all “meh“. And I know I need to eat because if I’m going to drink on super bowl Sunday and don’t eat food I will, in fact, die. 

But then comes the problem of trying to figure out what I’m going to put into my face. I’m sure this all has something to do with the mild depression I have been spiraling in and out of. Very dizzying to say the least. So then I get something to eat whether or not it sounds appealing and force it down my gullet because I very much don’t want to die, and then just power through it. 

So that’s fun. 

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