What is life even…

Have you ever fallen asleep at like eight o’clock at night and woke up at like quarter to eleven but before you woke up you sleep texted someone something? You wake up to pee and then half remember that it was a possibility but then you’re all like, ‘well that makes no sense at all’. But then you get suspicious and when you finish peeing you get a return text from the person, as you should because they are likely confused that you texted them the word Two for no reason at all. …I don’t even know what I had been dreaming about that would have warranted a text that says two.

And all the while I was thinking about if I was going to write this post or just post it on the good ‘ol book of the face this is what went through my brain…

#spagoooter #notwhatItexted #justwhatimeating #haventevenbeendrinking #idontdodrugs #whatislife #thismakesnosense

…because I apparently think in hashtags. #Ihatewhativebecome

And this all brought about the thought of

why does my brain work this way

But then I immediately remembered that I don’t care because it’s more fun this way and this is probably the reason I enjoy my alone time so much, because sometimes you just need to be around the right people.

#nevergonnagiveyouup #nevergonnaletyoudown #nevergonnarunaroundordesertyou

That’s right, I just Rick Astley’d myself.


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