It really sucks you in…

I’m sitting here at work and have been flipping through the channels trying to find something to occupy my time between check-ins and other tasks, when I stumble upon Storm Chasers. I’ve never been a fan of tornadoes myself, like any sane minded person, but when you work overnights you just kind of do what you can to stay entertained.

Lets start with the opening credits… picture this, Sicily 1912… Just kidding. But the one guy has long hair and rocks it in the fierce stormy winds giving him an air of mysterious majesty. The other guy just stands in the back…

I love it already.

Then when you watch them driving around getting all sorts of excited for this crazy weather. They go, “C’mon, c’mon! Let’s go, touchdown! Yeah!” and then they get all gleeful when it becomes a full blown tornado and they continue to comment on how ropy it is and how amazing of a site it is and then they go about snapping their pictures all happy. When all I get out of it is, “Yes! Become a devastating natural occurrence that will most likely ruin someone’s life as it sucks the roof off their house and sucks all their earthly possessions and small children out and hucks them 2 miles down the road. But look at these amazing pictures that i’ll being touching myself to later when I get home.”

And let’s not forget how excited they get when it hails. Baseball sized hail plummets from the sky and they stop the car, run out in the midst of it and grab a handful to take a picture. People think the sky is falling when it rains, but when the sky is literally chucking shit at you they jump out and giggle with reckless abandon and comment how every ones cars are going to get fuuuuucked uuuuup. …but let me just run out without any head protection and hope something that will dent metal will not dent my head.

I don’t get it… but to each their own I guess.

I just can’t get over how goobery they get over it. Go ahead, watch it. I’ll be entertained until the Weather Channel changes to something else this morning. I can’t help it, this show really just sucks you in, y’know…


heh heh heh …see what I did there?! Because tornadoes suck entire buildings and large barnyard animals in…

…haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, i’m so bored.

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